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Forte Treatment at C & M Auto Services


Advanced Formula Motor Flush has been specifically formulated to combat modern motoring issues caused by the adverse effect of extended oil drain periods.

During the long interval between oil drains, crankcase acids are produced. If left within the system when the oil is changed, these acids immediately go to work breaking down the new oil leading to the creation of lacquers and varnishes which are deposited on the oil system components such as Hydraulic Valve Lifters, Variable Valve Timing Systems and Piston Rings. These components work within very tight tolerances and any sticking due to the deposits in the oil system results in inefficient operation of the system and poor driveability.

  • Neutralises crankcase Acids.
  • Removes lacquer, varnish, sludge, and insoluble deposits from the crankcase.
  • Frees sticking Variable Valve Timing systems, Hydraulic Valve Lifters and Piston Rings.
  • Stabilises cylinder compression restoring lost engine power.
  • Cleans engines internally and provides anti-wear protection.
  • Cleans oilways ensuring oil flow to critical moving parts.
  • Keeps new oil cleaner for longer

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