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>Welcome to C & M Auto Services Service Booking area, making it as easy as possible for you to book your next service.

Our convenient system removes the need for you to call or visit us. Just enter your vehicle registration and mileage with your contact details, then book a date and time from the range of available appointments.

You can use the booking feature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of opening hours.

Whatever the vehicle, make or model, C & M Auto Services offer quality servicing at competitive prices. Our team of highly-qualified Technicians provide thorough vehicle road safety inspections, using up-to-date equipment and parts to keep your car in the best condition.

At C & M Auto Services ltd we offer a full spectrum of mechanical repairs including gearboxes, clutch repairs, brakes, exhaust repairs and replacement, steering and suspension adjustments and changes. We have experience of dealing with challenging mechanical work as well as more routine car repairs and have established a good working relationship with local parts suppliers meaning that we can source parts quickly and at the best price minimising your vehicle''s downtime.

From our fully equipped garage off A1237 off Great North Way York we can provide you with a fully comprehensive service in all aspects of car servicing, maintenance and repairs. We have full diagnostics for most  vehicles. (SEE DIAGNOSTICS)


  • Emission Failure Repairs
  • Servicing
  • MOT
  • Brakes
  • Fuel Injection
  • Diagnostics
  • Air Conditioning
  • Clutches
  • Exhausts
  • Tyres






Servicing any PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is not quite the same as servicing any other vehicle. Despite there being many common components, there is the added element of high voltage electricity that a traditional car does not have.

One stray wire and this electricity could be passing through your car's chassis.


This is not the usual work your traditional garage is trained to work on and it is important for Independent Garages (such as us) to provide an alternative to the more expensive main dealer services.


Our technicians are trained and certified to work with high voltage systems, hybrid engines, electrical motors, power inverter systems, energy/hardware systems, electric control propulsion sensing systems, battery regeneration braking systems and other specific elements.


These require specialist knowledge and equipment that require investment.


C&M Auto Services Ltd recognise that these cars are already in the York area and yet the choice around servicing and repairs are limited. Up until now, a main dealer was the safest and most reliable destination but now you can save money by choosing an Independent Garage with specialist investment and capabilities.

Diagnostic Technology for your car

Over the last 15 years technology deployed by vehicle manufacturers has grown at an alarming rate and this rate of development has accelerated even more over the last ten years, due to almost all new vehicles sold in this period having at least six independent electronic control units (ecu) to control various functions of the vehicle with the higher specification models having anywhere up to 35 or more different CPUs to control a whole raft of vehicle functions. With this now being customary, it is now impossible for an automotive workshop to service, maintain or repair a vehicle without the appropriate diagnostic equipment. Our garage uses the latest technology to deliver fast diagnostic results to assist in the fastest possible repair to your car


Ford Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS):

The Ford Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) will be the only equipment that provides complete diagnostic coverage of current and future Fords. The IDS package replaces the Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS). The IDS application will perform the identical functions of the WDS and allows dealership technicians to diagnose and service Ford vehicles. As the new diagnostic tool, IDS will be required to perform diagnostics on future model year vehicles.

IDS is enhanced WDS software that was modified to run on a standard laptop platform, and utilizes the VCM and VMM. Moving IDS to a laptop helps technicians by integrating access to both diagnostics and service information on a single, powerful machine.


Star Mercedes Diagnosis Multiplexer:

Because of European and US competition rules, all vehicle manufacturers must now make diagnosis tools available to any workshop.

The multiplexer is the interface between the PC and the car's diagnostic port. The current multiplexer connects to the PC with a cable and is made by I+ME Actia and is called the Part D3 multiplexer. It then connects to old and new Mercedes models using different cables.

We have the latest in Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostics which enable us to quickly and efficiently diagnose any fault on your Mercedes Benz, We also have full access to Mercedes Benz work instructions and technical information we are also register to the Mercedes Benz Technical help line for added back up and support.


 Snap On:

VERSUS PRO Diagnostic & Information System Features

  • Stay connected to the vehicle and the internet while moving freely around the service bay 
  • Ready faster – less than 30 seconds for VERUS PRO software suite to load
  • Modular, dockable scope/meter with 9 ft USB cable for extended reach and portability
  • Wi-Fi access to SureTrack® Expert Information can take you from fault codes to answers in seconds
  • Add confidence to any repair with SureTrack verified parts replacement data and Real Fixes harvested from millions of succesful repairs
  • One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan & Clear quickly checks and clears codes for all available modules on the vehicle
  • Genuine Windows® operating system for true multitasking
  • Shared vehicle ID – select the vehicle once for all diagnostic functions
  • Easy navigation - shows exactly the systems and tests available for the selected vehicle
  • Built-in browser and Wi-Fi to access your choice of web resources – parts suppliers, technical forums, repair information systems, OEM websites
  • Exclusive Snap-on Fast-Track® Troubleshooter provides millions of vehicle-specific code tips, symptom tips and timesavers for a faster repair
  • Industry-leading functions, tests and coverage previously found only in expensive factory tools
  • Avoid unnecessary parts replacement. Exclusive Fast-Track Guided Component Tests, component locator, known good values, and waveform library help verify good/bad components.


New Vehicle Coverage

Software Upgrade 17.2 Highlights

  • BMW® Expert Mode and Module Coding
  • Ford® Diesel Transmission Characterization
  • Enhanced Ford, Toyota® and Mazda® EVAP Test
  • GM® Diesel Catalyst Reset, DPF, After Treatment, NOX Sensor
  • GM Hybrid Coolant Bleed
  • Honda® Camera Aiming
  • Jeep® Differential Fluid Bleed
  • Mercedes-Benz® Occupant Sensor Calibration

Snap-on adds 2016 model year coverage for Harley-Davidson®, Ford, Lincoln®, GM, Jeep, Dodge®, Chrysler®, Ram®, Kia®, Hyundai®, Honda, Acura®, Mitsubishi® and enhanced coverage going back to 1996 for all major makes.

Learn more about optional European ‘must have’ coverage:

Snap-on’s optional European software offers 12 makes and significantly enhanced coverage for Alfa Romeo®, BMW, FIAT®, Land Rover®, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche® and Volvo® – click here for details.


Autologic DrivePro

• Comprehensive Diagnostics with OEM Licensing
• OEM-trained Remote Expert Guidance

• Built-in Remote Programming & Coding

Brand Coverage




























Autologic is believed to be the industry’s first fully integrated diagnostic support system. It combines the expertise of more than 100 dealer-trained technicians with state-of-the-art technology and access to online third-party vehicle data that’s delivered via a multifaceted, single-screen device. The simultaneous integration of these data resources and diagnostic tools, coupled with real-time access to technicians that specialize in European vehicles.

Autologic Guided Data

Autologic Guided Data, powered by HaynesPro, provides technicians with online access to an extensive range of vehicle technical information and workshop data. Through a dedicated icon on DrivePRO, technicians can quickly view a vast range of automotive OEM-based data across two distinct modules: Electronics and Smart

11 Point Winter Inspection £27.00 + VAT

We will check the following:

  • Anti Freeze Level
  • Cooling System
  • Battery
  • Starter Motor & Charging System
  • Ancillary Drive Belts
  • Lights
  • Wiper Blades
  • Top Up Screen Wash
  • Tyres
  • Air Con - Check it's de-misting effectively
  • Oil Level

27 Point Winter Inspection £54.00 + VAT

We will check the following

Pre Engine Checks

  • Check for damage to bodywork, lamps and trims
  • Fit protective covers.
  • Check condition and operation of all seat belts.
  • Check operation of interior and exterior lights.
  • Check operation of ABS and/or air bag warning Lights
  • Check windscreen washers and wipers.
  • Check horn.
  • Check operation of suspension dampers
  • Check Fual Cap

Under The Bonnet

  • Check / Top up engine oil.
  • Check and record brake fluid condition.
  • Chech all auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt).
  • Check power steering operation and fluid condition.
  • Check battery level and lubricate terminals.
  • Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels.
  • Drain Cooling System
  • Check and record Antifreeze protection.................?C
  • Check cooling system for leaks,cooling fan operation and heater output.
  • Check the condition and security of the exhaust.
  • Carry out tyre report.
  • Check Fuel lines & Brake Pipes
  • Thoroughly wash out Cooling System with Clean Water
  • Add new Coolant
  • Check System for Leaks
  • Check Fan Operation
  • Road Test Vehicle and Report any findings
  • Ensure upholstery, gear lever, steering wheel, etc. are clean.


Forte Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment has been specifically formulated to combat driveability concerns caused by the by products of combustion and the adverse effects of fuel degradation.

  •  Improve engine performance and driveability
  • Reduce noxious exhaust emissions
  • Prevent fuel system corrosion and control fuel oxidation
  • Lubricate and extend the life of injectors and fuel pumps
  • Restore injector spray patterns
  • Reduce valve and combustion chamber deposits and maintain EGR valve cleanliness

Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment is compatible with ULSD, catalysts and particle filters and for use in Common Rail Direct Injection diesel engines and does not affect the cetane rating of diesel fuel.

Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment is a multi functional diesel fuel treatment which when used as directed will provide the following performance benefits to all diesel engines.



Forté Advanced Formula Gas Treatment has been specifically formulated to combat driveability concerns caused by the by products of combustion and the adverse affects of fuel degradation.

  • Improve engine performance and driveability
  • Reduce noxious exhaust emissions
  • Improve cold starting
  • Prevent fuel system corrosion and control fuel oxidation
  • Provide injector and upper cylinder lubrication
  • Remove lacquer, varnish, acid and soot deposits



Advanced Formula Motor Flush has been specifically formulated to combat modern motoring issues caused by the adverse affect of extended oil drain periods.

During the long interval between oil drains, crankcase acids are produced. If left within the system when the oil is changed, these acids immediately go to work breaking down the new oil leading to the creation of lacquers and varnishes which are deposited on the oil system components such as Hydraulic Valve Lifters, Variable Valve Timing Systems and Piston Rings. These components work within very tight tolerances and any sticking due to the deposits in the oil system results in inefficient operation of the system and poor driveability.

  • Neutralises crankcase Acids.
  • Removes lacquer, varnish, sludge and insoluble deposits from the crankcase.
  • Frees sticking Variable Valve Timing systems, Hydraulic Valve Lifters and Piston Rings.
  • Stabilises cylinder compression restoring lost engine power.
  • Cleans engines internally and provides anti-wear protection.
  • Cleans oilways ensuring oil flow to critical moving parts.
  • Keeps new oil cleaner for longer



Forté Air Conditioner Treatment provides a quick and easy way to eliminate colonies of airborne bacteria caused by the build-up of mould and fungi on the evaporator in the deepest recesses of a vehicle''s air conditioning system.

When used as directed, Forté Air Conditioner Treatment will provide the following benefits

  • Destroys mould & fungi on the evaporator
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours emitted from air conditioning systems.
  • Deodorise the passenger cabin of cigarette and pet smells.
  • Simple safe application
  • Provides a healthier environment for vehicle occupants

The method of application is simple, safe and non labour intensive as there is no need for extension tubes, additional equipment or lengthy time input from technicians.

Forté Air Conditioner Treatment does not contain solvent cleaning agents so is completely safe to use and will not affect any components, leather seats or wood and plastic trim.



Forté Super Plus Grease is a high quality lithium soap based grease which will provide the following benefits:

  • Excellent lubrication
  • Extreme pressure properties
  • Effective water resistance
  • High temperature tolerance

Super Plus Grease is suitable for many industrial and automotive applications such as for packing CV (constant velocity) joints and where high temperature tolerance is required such as wheel bearings.



When Forté Top End Treatment is used as directed it will provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce and prevent lacquer, varnish and sludge formation.
  • Prevent and eliminate noisy Hydraulic Valve Lifter operation.
  • Maintain and improve Variable Valve Timing system cleanliness.
  • Free sticking oil pressure control systems.
  • Remove deposits from valve stems and piston rings.
  • Reduce valve train wear.

Technical developments in engine design have made significant improvements, increasing engine power output and lowering emissions. Extended service intervals however, can contribute to excessive contaminant build up, compromising valve train operation.

Forté Top End Treatment is designed to combat contamination, improve and maintain oil system and valve train cleanliness.

Forté Top End Treatment is compatible with oils that meet the specification of API and ACEA classification.



When used as directed, Forte Air Intake Cleaner will provide the following benefits:

  • Cleans throttle bodies internally and externally .
  • Cleans butterfly valves and idle speed control valves to restore induction air flow and improve combustion process.
  • Cleans Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves to restore exhaust gas flow and reduce Nox formation.

Forte Air Intake Cleaner contains non aggressive cleaning agents that will not remove the protective coatings in the throttle bodies.

Forte Air Intake Cleaner removes gums, tars, lacquers and varnishes to ensure the correct operation off all moving components.



Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment will provide the following benefits:

  • Smoother gear change
  • Reduces oxidation (varnish and tar formation)
  • Prevents fluid leaks (seal conditioner)
  • Compatible with Continuously Variable Transmissions

Automatic Transmission Treatment is the recommended treatment for hydraulic systems using LHM fluid such as used by Citroen, particularly for conditioning the rubber seal between the hydraulic fluid pipe and gas globe.

Automatic Transmission Treatment can also be used to flush the auto box when, due to low fluid level and overheating occurring, the residual fluid oxidises to form varnish and tar. By adding two tubes of Automatic Transmission Treatment and fresh ATF to the auto box and running the vehicle for 50-100 miles, the gums are dissolved, restoring the efficient operation of the gearbox. The box should then be drained and replenished with fresh ATF and one tube of Automatic Transmission Treatment.

Automatic Transmission Treatment is also compatible with crankcase oils and can be used to treat manual gearboxes filled with crankcase oil to overcome ''notchy'' gear change.



When FORTÉ Bio Degreaser is used as directed it will provide the following benefits:

  • Remove emulsified oil from cooling systems following cylinder head gasket failure and oil cooler pipe leakage.
  • Remove residue left from combustion gases permeating through cylinder head.
  • Remove blockages from radiator to restore cooling efficiency.
  • Remove blockages from heater matrix to restore heating efficiency.
  • Drastically cut costly component replacement costs and reduce downtime.

FORTÉ Bio Degreaser is a biodegradable heavy duty cleaner-degreaser free of petroleum or chlorinated solvents. It effectively removes oil and grease deposits from the internal surfaces of automotive cooling systems and restores heat transfer efficiency to allow the engine to run at design operating temperature, thus reducing heat related problems and engine failure.

FORTÉ Bio Degreaser is compatible with all coolants and cooling system components including metallic and non-metallic water pump impellers.



Forté Cooling System Conditioner will provide the following benefits:

  • Prevents electrolytic corrosion
  • Prevents cavitation erosion
  • Lubricates water pump
  • Prevents overheating
  • Prevents scale formation

Aluminium, having replaced cast iron in the manufacture of engine blocks and cylinder heads is more susceptible to corrosion. Forté Cooling System Conditioner maintaining a neutral PH level prevents corrosion, along with cavitation erosion through the removal of undissolved oxygen. This also improves the heat transfer properties of the coolant to prevent overheating.

Cooling System Conditioner is compatible with all ethylene glycol based and OAT anti-freezes.



Forté Cooling System Flush is a blend of inorganic acids and inhibitors designed to remove rust and limescale build up.

In removing these contaminants, the heat transfer efficiency of the coolant is enhanced, thereby preventing the engine from overheating.

Cooling System Flush will not remove emulsified oil following head gasket failure, this is best treated with Forté Bio Degreaser.

Cooling System Flush will remove the gel that forms in Cooling Systems when incompatible coolants are mixed, ie Mono Ethylene Glycol based anti freeze and OAT coolant.



When used as directed Forté Diff & Gear Treatment will provide the following benefits:

  • Reduces friction and lowers operating temperature
  • Excellent shear stability
  • (maintains oil stability under extreme pressures)
  • Quietens noisy gearboxes and whining diffs

Diff & Gear Treatment is only compatible with E.P. (extreme pressure) gear oils therefore cannot be used when the gearbox is filled with crankcase oil. In this case, Oil Treatment is added to reduce oxidation or Automatic Transmission Treatment is used to smooth out ''notchy'' 
gear change.



Forté Oil Treatment and Oil Fortifier both carry out the following functions:

  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces sludge formation
  • Reduces oxidation (varnish and tar build up)
  • Neutralises crankcase acidity (to prevent corrosion)

Oil Fortifier goes one stage further in that it contains:

Viscosity Index Improver (to maintain oil pressure and reduce oil burning). This V.I. Improver is not designed to thicken oil, which can upset the delicate viscosity balance of low viscosity oils, but rather to maintain oil viscosity from cold start, thereby preventing the oil from thinning at high temperatures.

Both Oil Treatments employ technology as used in the formulation of modern day oils, i.e. they contain the ''additive packages'' in a concentrated form that are found in today''s oils. We do NOT use P.T.F.E. technology as used in other oil supplements.

Oil Treatment is compatible with turbo engines and catalytic convertors.

Oil Fortifier is compatible with turbo engines and catalytic convertors but NOT for engines which operate with wet clutches.

As a general rule, Oil Treatment is recommended for vehicles up to 80,000 miles that have been regularly maintained and serviced. Oil Fortifier is used thereafter to combat the effects of natural wear (friction and corrosion) associated with higher mileage engines or earlier if the vehicle is showing signs of oil burning or failing oil pressure due to neglect.



Forté Power Steering Treatment has been specifically formulated to treat Power Steering Units and will provide the following benefits:

  • Provides smoother operation of Power Assisted Steering
  • Eliminates P.A.S. stiffness, shudder and noise
  • Reduces oxidation and foaming
  • Prevents oil leaks

P.A.S. is no longer considered an optional extra on top of the range cars, even the most basic models are now fitted wit P.A.S. as standard. However because of the driving characteristics of these vehicles, ie. Short stop/start journeys with heavy lock to lock steering, more problems occur because of the greater stresses and strains place on the system and operating fluid. As there is generally no routine servicing of P.A.S. units, the fluid can become oxidised and depleted of additives over time.

Forte’ Power Steering Treatment enables garages workshops to rejuvenate the operation of P.A.S. units and boost customer satisfaction 



Forté Radiator Stop Leak should be considered an emergency repair product rather than a permanent cure to a coolant leak. The natural fibres form a stable and long lasting plug (as opposed to biodegradable products using vegetable matter fibres - sugar beet being one such material)

Forté Radiator Stop Leak will not block heater matrixes or radiator cores.

When used as a preventative treatment, Radiator Stop Leak will lubricate the water pump, impeller shaft.



Forté Seal Conditioner will restore the elastomer properties of rubber seals that have shrunk or hardened and will provide the following benefits:

  • Cures and prevents oil leaks
  • Reduces oil burning

Seal Conditioner is particularly useful to pre-owned car dealers to overcome unsightly leaks from the rear main crankshaft seal which ordinarily would be very expensive to rectify by replacement. Also, oil burning due to valve stem seal shrinkage is treatable, provided that the seal is not damaged or completely brittle.

Industrial hydraulic systems can also be treated, as Seal Conditioner is compatible with hydraulic as well as crankcase oils.



Why a new product?
Specialist Injector Cleaner has been specifically formulated to combat driveability concerns caused by the adverse effects of fuel degradation.

Unleaded petrol naturally decays in the fuel tank particularly if there is moisture and condensation in the fuel. Acids form, creating lacquer and varnish which is then deposited throughout the fuel system. These contaminants restrict tight tolerance components such as fuel injectors and cause corrosion due to the acidic nature of the fuel.

Fuel flow through injectors becomes restricted leading to an incorrect air/fuel ratio and mixture formation resulting in a misfire.

The resultant inefficient combustion process leads to the formation of polluting exhaust gases and M.O.T. failure.

Specialist Injector Cleaner effectively removes the build up of lacquer and varnish from the whole of the fuel system to ensure correct and efficient fuel delivery. Acids are neutralised to prevent the formation of lacquer and varnish and the fuel is stabilised to protect the fuel system components against corrosion.

  • Neutralises fuel acidity
  • Removes lacquer and varnish deposits
  • Restores fuel flow to fuel injectors
  • Improves the combustion process
  • Reduces polluting exhaust emissions
  • Stabilises the fuel against decay
  • Protects fuel system components from corrosion

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